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Not a business topic, exactly, but... a way right on topic, with the thread where we have digressed into trusting our government or not. Hmmmm.....that's probably several of these threads, come to think of it.

Mike has joked about my book stash for many years, but he recommended one to me last week, and I am really having trouble putting it down. Entitled "History Decoded", by Brad Meltzer, it is a spinoff of his TV series, " Decoded".

If you are at all a history buff, I highly recommend this one to you. Even if you aren't, this is a fascinating read. I opted for the print version over Kindle e-book for one reason: each of the ten mysteries attacked has a pouch of several facsimile documents inserted in the chapter.

This is so much more fun than just having the book say, See Illustration 22. You pull out these exhibits, which just makes the reading more interactive with the story. It might seem a cheesy gimmick to some, but it is fun to me.

Meltzer has chosen his ten favorite mysteries for this volume. Did John Wilkes Booth survive for forty years after the Lincoln assassination? Where did the $20 million Confederate treasury end up, in the mad dash from Richmond? Who are the Rosicrucians? What's really going on in AREA 51? That just scratches the surface here.

I literally couldn't put this one down last night...fell asleep in mid-page. I've found this History Channel series among my amazon Prime offerings, too, so we can catch up to the new season.

Anyway, maybe one some of you might enjoy.
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