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OSHA requirements for farmers

Does anyone know the OSHA requirements for farmers?  I'm not trying do the bare minimum, I just want to know:

  • What documentation is required?
  • Are bi-weekly  or monthly safety meetings with employees required? 
  • What training or how much is required (ie can it be written or verbal training)?
  • Does an employee need to sign off on it or do we just keep a notebook that on X date we told X employee how to do something?
  • How often does it need to be done?
  • Is there a walk-through checklist available for a farm site or shop?   
  • What personal protective equipment is necessary and where does it need to be kept?  (ie in every pickup, in a shop, w/in certain distance of work location?


We keep our shop relatively clean; however we've had a couple people through who are involved in  manufacturing facilities and they could easily see things that would be considered violations in their indusstry; however I don't know where to start.  Sometimes what a OSHA might require I wouldn't even give a thought about.  We keep getting calls from a company selling a safety services product/subscription.  We took out a one-time subscription.  They used misleading sales tactics/pricing.  They just keep calling about a renewal.  That's what prompted the thoughts regarding OSHA compliance.


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