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Office Cleanup

I've got 3 weeks of vacation that needs to be used before it is lost.  The company I work for has a use it or lose it policy.  So I've decided to take it in one lump sum.  Among my many honey-do chores, I've also decided to tidy up my home office.  I've burned through 1 week of my vacation so far, and my office isn't done yet, and I've been hitting it relatively hard.  (At least in my mind, 4 hours a day is hard at it, remember I am on vacation).  Finally have gotten the file cabinet's gone through and shredded all the obsolete documents.  Now onto my desk and all of its contents.  It will probably take another day or two, but I am bound and determined to complete the task.


Mock my words, I will not neglect my office to this extent again.  What a mess, but believe it or not, I had a method to my madness.  I'm thinking at this point I will start using my scanner and file all the excess documents electronically.  External hard drives with backups and flash drives should be relatively safe as well as being able to retrieve different items as I need them.


Ok enough rambling on by me, my question.  Does anyone else have the same office housekeeping skills, or lack thereof, as I do?


Once the office is done, I'm off to start on the shed.  Yikes, that might take another 3 weeks.  LOL

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