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Re: Oh, well, Libya... north and south

Mentioned this also on the women's page this morning...a recent mapping of natioanl nuclear facilities on TV made us quite aware of the many power plants not very far from us in NC and VA.  Was already familiar with Surry and North Anna, in VA, and Shearin Harris in Raleigh area, but there are many more. 

Having been buitl when we were young and alregly clueless, then moving into this area without considering the issue, we ended up in a sort of middle ground with them all aroud.  Probably most of them close enough, if 100 miles is a problematic distance.  In a terrorist situation with a real meltdown ( which is a far bigger concern than seismic events to me), we would be toast.   

Don't count on storage gaining much traction...this clamor will die down, too.

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Re: Oh, well, Libya... north and south

The dispute over disaster in coal mine or oil field or nuke waste ---is like comparing a water gun  to  a 44 magnum   -not much to discuss when comparing apples to apples ? ?

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