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🎡 Oh what a friend we have in Cr-uz 🎡

I think you've all heard the tune, I just changed
The last word.

Well boys and girls, the fight was officially started.
Our senator from TEXAS was speaking in
PENNSYLVANIA....about the RFS......and to
The effect that we need a policy that benefits
Labor ((and to &_$# with us ?))
He wants a cap of either 10% or 10 cents....
Which is not workable.
And he has been blocking ag appointments due
To their ethanol support..

May I ask where the Texas farm bureau is at.

And remember he is supported by big oil

Just how long do you think Tweety will support

Ethanol ???

In closing, let us all rise and sing one of my favorite

Hymns...." Shall we gather at the oil derick"
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Re: 🎡 Oh what a friend we have in Cr-uz 🎡

No evidence that Trump supports Cruz or wants to.....


Only person I would think less of than Cruz is Palosi  and somewhere below her is one who would discredit that song.


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Re: 🎡 Oh what a friend we have in Cr-uz 🎡

Maybe we could use  ''' crude pyrolysis ''' and use those products to feed with --- Maybe  Ted  would  join on then to help revive a '''fading in the wind '' industry  ---

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