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Oil Extraction Machine |Screw Oil Expeller|Hydraulic Oil Mill

An oil extraction machine refers to a machine that squeezes grease out of oil by means of external mechanical force. It squeezes out grease by increasing the temperature and activating oil molecules. Now the common oil extraction machine on the market mainly includes two types: screw oil expeller and hydraulic oil mill. And the most common oil pressing processes are hot pressing and cold pressing.

Introduction to screw oil expeller

As a common oil pressing equipment, a screw oil expeller can be used for continuous production, with a large processing capacity and high oil. You can use it for cold pressing and hot pressing. It is suitable for squeezing peanuts, sesame seeds, rapeseeds, tea seeds, soybeans, sunflower seeds, cottonseeds, and other oils. In addition to squeezing edible oil, the oil pressing equipment is also suitable for squeezing spice oil, medicinal oil, etc.


Introduction to hydraulic oil mill

The hydraulic oil mill is professional equipment for pressing sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, and other high oil crops.


The structure of the screw oil expeller

This series of units is mainly composed of five parts: the electrical control part, the heating and pressing part, the adjustment part, the transmission part, and the vacuum oil filter.

1) Electrical control part includes an air switch, an AC contactor, a temperature controller, and an automatic circuit protection device.

2) Heating and pressing part consists of a heater, a screw press, a machine body device, etc.

3) Transmission part consists of the main shaft, a reduction box, a pulley, and a motor wheel.

4) Speed regulating part includes adjusting screw, adjusting nut, handle, lock nut, and so on.

5. Vacuum oil filter parts have a vacuum pump, oil filter cartridge pipeline, etc.


Structure of hydraulic oil mill

It mainly consists of three parts: main body, transmission hydraulic pressure, and electrical control.

  • Main body: It has the bottom plate, column, upper top plate, press assembly, oil pan, nut, and other parts. It is one of the main parts of the whole machine. The oil is in the press assembly and is used by the oil cylinder assembly. The force pushes upwards. And the oil flows down from the cracks in the squeezing stream. Then passes through the oil pan to the oil storage barrel.
  • Hydraulic transmission: This is the main working power source for this machine to produce a high oil rate. It has the drive shaft, worm gear, worm, gear pump, high-pressure pump, relief valve, manual valve, cylinder assembly, pipe joints, and other parts. . This machine uses the world’s advanced hydraulic pumping station. Which has lower speed, higher oil pressure, high-temperature resistance. And no cooling device when the oil temperature is above 65 degrees, and it can work continuously.
  • Electrical control: This is the advanced point of this machine. It consists of components such as a motor, a voltmeter, a temperature control gauge, a pressure gauge, and power supply insurance.


Advantages of oil extraction machine

1. High oil output rate: The machine adopts directional pressure bearing, multi-stage propulsion, and one-time squeezing. So the oil output rate obviously improves.
2. Large production volume: It strengthened the feeding system. And increased the advancement speed. Thus it greatly improved work efficiency.
3. Automatic temperature control: electronic program control, scientific heating, and automatic control of pressing temperature.
4. Automatic oil filtering: Using the principle of negative air pressure, using vacuum splitter technology, built-in vacuum splitter. So it can separate the oil and residue.
5. Safe and convenient: exquisite structure, less space occupation; transmission system adopts fully enclosed protection, safe and convenient operation.
6. Beautiful and generous: The watch is new-type material electrostatic spraying, with strong adhesion, grease resistance, and high-temperature resistance. It is beautiful and easy to clean to ensure hygiene.
7. Durable: It matches high-quality wear-resistant steel and anti-fatigue castings scientifically. With stable performance, ensuring that the equipment can work continuously for a long time and is durable.
8. One machine with multiple functions: In addition to squeezing edible oil, this machine is also suitable for squeezing spice oil, medicinal oil, and other oils, with a wide range of applications.

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