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China wants to cut meat consumption in half?


Presented without much comment because I don't have any more idea than anybody else.


But it might be worth filing away somewhere. The consideration that maybe the global ag market neoliberalism of the major Ag Econ Departments, USDA policy wonks (in inbred revolving door subset of the same), multinational corporate agribusiness etc.turn out to have gotten it wrong?

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Re: Oops

Pondering this further.


The stated climate change consideratons, sure to really light some folks up, likely aren't the real reasons.


But as trade and military tensions with the US rise, they might rightfully conclude that the only major strategic import vulnerability to the US that they have is in grains/oilseeds.*


*even if they import less from the US it is a global market, like oil.


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Re: Oops

  1. From my direct observations as a grower, if you are dragging half the animals out dead, and that is just their first eight weeks off the sow, then production might be down, just a tad.  
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