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Re: Outlook meeting

Well, we need to educate the public when we can, if we don`t tell our story, some people with bad intentions will.  Look at when corn was $7, there movie popcorn and eggs went up way beyond what it should`ve and the corn farmers were blamed.  And Ethanol is always on the chopping block, big oil takes swipes at it and even some ill-informed farmers hate ethanol...I`m convinced it`s jealousy of a neighbor farmer that invested in a ethanol plant  and got huge dividends. 


But the point is, everything is public relations these days and you don`t want to get behind the 8-ball.  If you have a relationship with the local tv stations and they are reporting on a story that just doesn`t seem right to them, they can call a local farmer to get his or her side of it before it blows all out of proportion.

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