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Re: Packing Plant In Your County?

Consider the alternative. Rural better embrace the opportunities to grow. —depending on location, half of Iowa is located close enough to be a bedroom community to one of those ugly successful places.

Maybe it is telling us we have maxed out the tax load. If no one can build business under taxes,
A school without failure and a yard for my chia and rock pets. Nice streets, clean water, public transportation, a sizeable airport, good schools, a hospital, retirement centerand no working class or industry. Who pays the taxes to pay the teacher??
No one.
A society raised in front of a TV set.
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Senior Advisor

Re: Packing Plant In Your County?

Seems  the  100th  Meridian  and, or  US  281  being  a  statistic  with  several  merits -  commerce,   population  loss  and  increase  of  tax  burdens  of  obligation - - -

Solving  it  with  political  speech's  of  newfangled  theory's  and  feel  better  assumptions , that  soon are  extinguished  with  reality's of ,  NOW WHAT -  -  -


Fly over  counties  realities , have  few  options , with  more  consolidation  whispers, behind  closed  door  executive meetings -    -    -


The  go  EAST , or South YOUNG  MAN, or  cling  to  the  FEW I-25 - I-15,    or  numerous  I -5  opportunity , unfortunately  -  ? 


Canadian  pipelines  for  future  generations  will  contain  much  more  valuable  ingredients, than  Tar Sand Bitumen,  with  NO  NEED  of  an  EXPORT  DESTINATION  -  while  have  routing  parallels  of  of  I-25,  I-15,  I-17  and  eventually  US  281 -  -  -


Tread  kindly ,  and  conversation's  with  our  friends  across  our  North Border,  while  leaving  the  EYE  Sharpened  Sticks  in  the  closet   -   -    - 


Having  a  supply  of   tainted  water,  seems  rather  short  sighted  -  liken  to  the  value of  Montana's  - Berkeley  Pit  might  be  sun-set-ted  -  -   -                                     

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