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Re: Pat Buchanan: Tariffs that made America Great

Hey Clayton, I think Snap-on is or recently was US made.  Elite says they are US made.   



What I find is strange is a product like a toolbox that is bent sheet metal and welded, how it`s supposedly made all that much cheaper moving a factory 10,000 miles away and even though they pay their workers $2/hr or $2/day you wouldn`t think there`s all that much savings rather than making it right here where it`s purchased and pay the US worker $25/hr.


But all these Libs claiming to be so concerned about the environment.  They really ought to be on board with stopping the flow of cheap Chinese goods because of all the dirty fuel that a container ship burns


Yeah, notice the date of the story just BEFORE the 2016 election  Smiley Happy   



The UK newspaper the Daily Mail published the alarming allegation that the 16 biggest ships in the world produce more pollution than all the world’s cars. If true, this would certainly change many people’s perspective on global warming as more often than not cars are singled out as a key contributor to greenhouse gases whilst the shipping industry is almost never mentioned. So, is this allegation true? And, if so, is it a game changer for the way in which we tackle climate change?


It’s all in the oxides

The short answer to the question, ‘is this allegation’ true is, quite simply, ‘yes’. And this is because of the higher levels of sulphur oxides (SOx) and nitrous oxides (NOx) that large container vessels produce when compared to cars. It is certainly true that the world’s largest container vessels produce more SOx and NOx than all the world’s cars. This difference in oxide emissions is exacerbated by the fact that modern cars are designed to be cleaner and greener and to produce fewer emissions. Simultaneously, however, container ships are producing more and more emissions. The gap is widening.

SOx and NOx are very harmful to the environment in many different ways. For example, the two key causes of acid rain are – you guessed it – suphur dioxide and a variety of nitrous oxides. These oxides can also dramatically adversely effect ecosystems. For example, they can kill marine life and cause respiratory illnesses in humans.    




see, all this cheap crap that we get from China isn`t so cheap when you figure ALL the costs.