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Re: Pat Buchanan: Tariffs that made America Great

Ba you can't baffle me by applying logic to illogical reality...... US socialists hate or love for ideas has no pattern or logic.


Clayton ---thanks for a very local example......... and what did happen at "montezuma Tool"?

1.  The greed of higher profit share, forced outsourcing production ?

2.  The stress of a labor pool that is overwrought by producing more than 1 box a week?

3.  Lack of stomach for business management?

4.  The lack of legal strength to fight the theft of a good idea, and the flooding of the american market of "truck" toolboxes?

5   The death of a market for farmer lookalike trucks accessories (farm and small town population decline) ?

6.  The end of patent protection for a decent idea and the lack of a second idea?  


Being a greedy capitalist is a hard job.  But I am a curious sort and that is "one of ours".




a bit more humor

 Can a business that produces a product survive on only one product..... probably not, but if they had followed the monsanto model and made toolboxes in green, orange, blue, and red and convinced the public that cotton farmers could only use an orange one, corn farmers a green one, soybean farmers a blue one, and cattle farmers a red one.  Now,demand quadruples, prices become a "whatever" process. farm trucks become part of the rainbow coalition -- advertise them and  project them to be industrially required for safety and an answer for businesses not hiring enough minorities.....

Follow the first bit of advertising in Mother Jones with a public  stock sales on Wall street in rainbow colors.  Now expand into color coded trasportation and commodity storage and your rich enough to move the company to Ireland and try to ignore the phantom reality that rainbow colors and repainted tool boxes(and the painted matching tools) will in fact cause cancer...... as we all knew ..."montazuma's revenge" would eventually.