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Philly Soda Pop Tax

Philadelphia is getting ready to impose a tax on soda drinks.  1.5 cents per ounce, so your 20 oz soda would cost an additional 30 cents.  


" Jim Krieger, executive director of Healthy Food America, a Seattle-based health group that supports such taxes, said more locales are likely to follow: "Philadelphia is showing communities across the country that taxes on sugary drinks are a viable way to recoup industry profits for important community priorities, alert residents to health harms from excessive sugar and start to turn the tide against them."
"No Philly Grocery Tax," an oppo coalition of union interests, small businesses and industry sources, calls it a "discriminatory and regressive tax" that'll "fall hardest on those who can least afford it, hurting families and small businesses.""


It looks to me like a sin tax, like tobacco and alcohol.  The low lifes who consume these products should pay tax on them.  Naturlly, my experience is that the taxes go into the general fund rather than into any account that addresses the sin thats being taxed.  Maybe I'm just cynical.



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Re: Philly Soda Pop Tax

It sounds to me like it taxes the people who buy and drink them rather than "recoup industry profits."  But if you use the right words people believe.

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Re: Philly Soda Pop Tax

No, you are right. The rationale sounds promising, just like the NC Education Lottery. Passing that, given its name, was a slam dunk, but the promised windfall to education simply didn't materialize. The earmarked lottery proceeds are fine, but the general fund share to schools simply shrunk. Some of us cynical types saw that one coming.... All of that said, I think soft drinks do deserve special taxation. They are poison. Period.
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