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Pink Slime Settlement - Be Careful What You Name

ABC News has decided to settle the suit brought against it for Beef Products, Inc. 


Naturally, no one said what the settlement was.  Both sides said it was "amicable".  Probably about as amicable as two wolverines fighting over a carcass.


It has always griped me that BSE has been called "Mad Cow Disease" after the video of one cow with the staggers.


I don't like it that "drones" is the popular word for unmanned aircraft.  Drones as it was originally defined has absolutely nothing to do with what we think of when we see quadcopters or remotely piloted vehicles.


The thing is, the media acts likeit can name something and shape the impression to suit it's own ends.  The end seems to be often sensationalism and newspapers sold or news shows watched.  It seems to have very little to do with objective, informed reporting.





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