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Pivot replacement

Have a pivot that needs replacing, but to pay for it would require sacrifice of income payments to the city family partners in the operation. That's probably okay, but is there any creative way to finance an irrigation unit, maybe in cooperation with the operator? Anybody know what used units are selling for these days? Thanks for any thoughts! -- Rob

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Re: Pivot replacement

Not sure if it's something you can use, but I just read an article from the NRCS that was promoting a program of some type of cost share on pivot replacements. Might be worth checking into.
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Re: Pivot replacement

There is a used pivot going up not too far from here, the cost is under $25,000, and that includes the cost of moving the pivot, all new tower alignment boxes, the concrete for the center pad, generator, and new sprinklers.

I don't know how old it is exactly, but it looks straight, and I hear it will come with a full one-year warranty, parts and labor.


I have seen ads for used pivots advertised from $15,000-$25,000, plus mileage (basically that covers taking it down, loading it on a truck, re-assembling it.   You pay the freight bill to get it to your place).


Keep in mind, these are 'basic' pivots, that do not have all the latest computerized controls.  The last few years, lots of pivots got traded in for new ones with GPS and computer controls, and the used ones are for sale.

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