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Re: Places To Shave Expenses

Most of those I work with I have some investment in or are owners I have managed property for /for many years. Descendants of farmers in the area so it varies. For a couple there is a “time spent fee”, others i manage the leases and invest in the entity that operates it so there is lease income involved. We take a small fee per bushel on marketing contracts or grain marketed through our grain facility on a few.
Just recently I have advised on “unrelated” or unassociated farming who’ve contacted me but I’m not at an age where starting a new enterprise is appealing.

Farm management businesses are not usually accounting consultants. and I find the process of recruiting clients and employees both awkward and difficult. Most businesses struggle with those.
I’ll address an ag class of students occasionally or some one referred to me by our cpa firm but that’s about it. Cheap advice is hard to hang responsibility on. Smiley Happy

Marketing is easier if you live in or very close to, a strong basis location.