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just two things

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it's always good to communicate with your landlords... talk to them at times other than just when your making or negotiating a payment to them... but in doing so i keep these gems that a couple landlords have mentioned over the years.


A) "it's not my job to make your operation cashflow... that's your job"  there are others in the area that will pay what I'm asking  ----- 


B) your not my son or relative so don't expect to get a cash discount ... you have to earn it..


I've had some pretty good relationships with my landlords over the years ... taxes and their living expenses are changing just like mine are so it helps to think from there side of the fence when I talk with them  ... remembering that they are business partners in the farm with me and not my adversaries..many times it proves just how greedy, narrow minded and stupid we as farmers can sometimes be.