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Accepted Solution

Policies to benefit rural America

One is happening, one won't.


First, The Affordable Care Act is a real boon to entrepreneurship. One of the reasons why the US lags behind other countries in that area is from tying health care to employment. It is a big leap to leave any job with health benefits in order to try a business. If you or anyone in your family had a pre-existing condition, fergeddaboudit.


Most small startups, whether they are in farming or elsewhere, generate modest taxable income in the early years and thus operators would likely gain some subsidy in insurance costs.


That part is happening, like it or not.


The other, which isn't going to happen, would be to severely cap crop insurance subsidies. It would be entirely "fair" to offer a subsidy of up to, say, $20K per famer, after that you are on your own.


It is a basic free market principle- if you want to help small farmers, quit subsidizing big ones.


Taken together they would increase the entry opportunites for young and new farmers. Which, by the way, would primarily be the sons and daughters of existing farmers.


Large operators, Deere, Monsanto, the CI industry etc. wouldn't like it but in the end they'll be just fine, really.