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Policy response

Now looking like farm income is going to come up short of even the modest expectations.


I'm thinking about any possible policy responses beyond getting the gubmint to quit lying about the rain.


You could do something with ethanol but I've yet to see much in the way of specific policy proposals. And not that my opinion matters but as a matter of principle I'm not interested in anything that doesn't also squeeze production down in conditions of extreme tightness, even if that is presently a remote possibility.


I guess you could kinda do a '98 deal where you just sweeten the pot of existing CCP programs for the remainder of the term of the Farm Bill. Things weren't particularly commodious back then, either, but they managed to slip that through.


I guess my concern would be that after the election, either way, I'm not sure that Congress will even be able to decide on what flavors of danish to have in the cafeteria, though.


Back in '98 you still had a lot of the old liberal farm state dems whose job it was to bring home the bacon and enough moderate republicans who'd go along. A different bunch of characters representing those states now.


But I imagine they'll listen to the urgent pleadings of their constituents.

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word on the street

Is that the Freedom Caucus generals are plotting a coup against speaker Ryan after the first of the year. Odds are almost certain the GOP holds the House, probably loses 10-15 seats tops.


The groundwork is already being laid to obstruct whatever agenda President Clinton might put forward.


Doesn't sound like a very good environment for getting anything done.


Back in '98 Barry Flinchbaugh commented on the surprising passage of the farm payment doubledown. Said that Pres. Clinton was able to buy some badly needed support by trading off with farm state legislators.


I don't have a clue but it is a reminder that these things are often the product of an unusual confluence of factors (think ethanol in spades) that can either make them work or make them impossible.



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Re: word on the street

That dem minority will be much more urban in nature than in '98.


They're going to want to trade for something. On the other hand, Republicans are increasingly only vulnerable in their primaries- from the right. Thus placing their careers in jeopardy if they deal with anybody.


BTW, you'll know you're in trouble if you start seeing stories in the hated MSM about the ballooning cost of the farm program.


I don't have any deep fundamental problem with the countercyclical titles other than to be smug and say what I said when they got slipped through- the cost projections were fictional.

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Re: word on the street

One observation would be that there may be real world consequences to political radicalization.


Although once you've gone off the reservation you'll never see it that way.

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Re: word on the street

Even in say, IA's 4th district, surely the most corn heavy district in the country, for everybody who has a direct stake in growing corn there are 10 people who could be potentially POed about food stamps.


Although in that case it is hard to envision the guy or gal who is going to challenge Steve King from the right in the primary.

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