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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Potash And Agrium Merger

Two fertilizer giants, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan and Agrium are talking a friendly merger.  Will it be friendly to customers?  They'll be the big dog on the fertilizer heap.


Anti-trust concerns, anyone?

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bruce MN

Speaking of mergers

No info on that one, but it sounds a bit ominous.


Wondering what the word on street is on the possible merger of the 3 upper Midwest farm credit outfits? 

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Speaking of mergers

I do business with the local bank, but some have been enticed to go to Agstar and i can`t think of the other 2 in the proposed merger.  It`ll reduce competition for sure.  Don`t know about some of these but i wonder if they don`t cater more to the higher leveraged, higher roller type borrowers?  


My local banker is more on my side and would lock up the brakes if I got too wild...which is a great thing to have another set of eyes as an extra fail safe before one would do something stupid.  Perhaps the Agstars have the same conservative loan officers as local banks, it`s just you get the idea that they`ll give you poker chips so long as there`s collateral in the pile.

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Honored Advisor

Re: Speaking of mergers

One has to wonder if there is a bit of attempted "Skirting US EPA " involved in these companies merging with foreign ownership.

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