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Pre-Pay fertilizer prices, WOW!!!!!!

I called around about pre-pay fertilizer prices yesterday, and here is what I found.


Potash - $617


Anhydrous Ammonia - $950


10-34-0 - $760


0-0-60 - $617


18-46-0 - $705


28-0-0 - $375


End of August, DTN said Anhydrous was averaging around $780. It's pretty amazing that it jumped that much in 30 days. These prices aren't guaranteed either, they have to find out if they have enough bought and get back to me. Then I have to put 25% down on the anhydrous till Jan. 30th. when the balance will be due.



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Re: Pre-Pay fertilizer prices, WOW!!!!!!

  I'm not sure how it works out but I paid $680 a ton for 4-10-46 in August after 2nd hay cutting.  

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