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Pro-Rated Lime Cost per Acre

Worth a shot in the dark here. I am working on my 2013 Crop Production Costs and curious what some of you guys use for a yearly lime costs. As you know we don't lime every year of course and I have past lime data, but I am wondering how my lime costs compare to other people's per acre pro-rated yearly lime cost. I am using a $7.52 per  acre per year pro-rated lime expense, Is this in the ballpark of some of you other guys? Thanks.

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Re: Pro-Rated Lime Cost per Acre

I'd say that is fairly close to what I plan for.


Iowa State usees $9.67 for corn following beans but I always thought their numbers were high.

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Re: Pro-Rated Lime Cost per Acre/Thanks Jim M.

Thanks Jim for the reply. I am going to use an even $8/acre figure for planning use going into the next 2 crop years, and then when the real cost comes in for 2014 I will adjust. I didn't need to lime any fields in 2013, but I bet my soil samples will show at least 3-5 farms will need lime in 2014.

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