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Re: Property Boundries

The law varies state by state.  There are two terms that you'll hear on the subject-adverse possession and practical location.  The later is the one usually used regarding boundary lines.  Generally, to make the line used by the two adjoining property owners the legal line there must be a period of time in which that line is used and the property owner who actually owns the land doesn't object. 10 years is the limit in some states.  In effect, the actual owner does nothing to dispute the location of the property line long enough for it to become the actual line.  Adverse possession generally deals with large tracts of land and usually requires use by the person claiming the ownership to use the property to the detriment of the actual owner-such as building something on it or farming it to the exclusion of the actual owner.  In some states they also have to pay the property taxes. 


Each states laws are different and must be followed exactly or the attempt fails.  If the actual owner or their predecessors had given permission for the use by the claiming owner they can't establish ownership using these methods.  Check your local laws and if you want to defeat the claim-do something!!  Don't concede the fact. 

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