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Quick Books version



I know several on here use quick books and are happy with it.  My question is what versions?  Started looking into this and see many versions and updates available.


I don't need to create invoices or print checks.  Just need a basic double entry accounting systems that can create the basic financial statements. 


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Quick Books version

Hey. My accountant got me setup with quickbooks pro 2010 last year and it is decent to use. I am not sure of the other ones that are available. I can do invoices and stuff but never use it.
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Re: Quick Books version

I started Quck Books once and wnent back to Quicken.  Am thinking about trying Quick Books again.  My operation is slowing down and reducing to where I can use a more standard system now.

You have the right idea of defining your requirements and backing into it.  As the other poster suggested, you might talk to your CPA ans see if they have any suggestionts.  

If I go to Quick Books again, I will get with my CPA to set up the chart of accounts.  He knows my operation well enough to recommendn appropriate ones.

Define your needs and get your CPA's advice on how to meet them. 

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