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Quicken 2011 Home and Business question

We farm and have a business on the side. We have used Quicken for the farm accounting for many years. We are trying to add the business accounting into the same Quicken enterprise that our farm and personal accounting is in. We are trying to set Quicken up so we can use the customer invoice feature for the business. We have been using the invoices and it works well for keeping track of accounts receivable. However, when someone pays us and we mark the invoice paid, it AUTOMATICALLY deposits the money in the checking account we have set up for the business. The invoice allows us to categorize each line as to the proper category for our cash flow, but these don't show up on our cash flow report for some reason. I think we need to be able to manually enter the checks into our checking account because even though we have the check in our hands and are showing the invoice paid, the money is not in the bank yet. Then when we entered it into the checking account we could categorize the payments into their respective categories. What are we doing wrong?

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Re: Quicken 2011 Home and Business question

Perhaps you can use an account called Checks Received or Checks Undeposited or something like that.  When you deposit the money, make a simple transfer from that account to the checking account.

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