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Many of you recall a fellow on here in years past who owned land in north central Iowa but lived in Apply Valley, MN (Minneapolis suburb next to Burnsville).who went by RSW. He had a nice home there, but certainly not a mansion, by any stretch of your imagination. He passed away yesterday, only in his mid 50's from cancer.

     I had gotten to know him a little, as my daughter and son-in-law and two children live right across the street in a cul de sac. Our daughter texted yesterday morning about 7:30 -- they were carrying Rick out in a body bag.

    I remember the first time I realized who he was. I had read his posts on here and often skimmed over them as they seemed bragadocious in nature. I also realize some people are so insecure, they need to brag, but I never commented.....I won't argue with anyone about anything....(Norwegian heritage, I suppose). He walked over and introduced himself as Rick, and when he found out I was from north central Iowa, he immediately started telling me all his farming experiences - custom farming operation - how much land he owned - what he had payed for it - etc. it all started to sound familiar, thus I put his initials together and asked if he ever went on Successful Farming's website. "Ya, but they are kinda' argumentative on there", he said.

   His funeral is being held down near Des Moines, and this whole story ends kind'a sad, since as one person replied when asked at a funeral of a wealthy land owner who had just passed on..... "How much did he leave"?........."All of It"....And suddenly, all the land listed under his name in the Plat books had different owners......RIP Rick