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Rest in peace RSW.  I remember him, he did like to brag, but he seemed to be a nice guy.   I assume his life story was fairly accurate about picking up farms in the 80`s cheap and sometimes having to use a credit card to make payments and eventually amassing 1500 or so acres.  It seemed he wasn`t a farmer, but had it custom farmed.  


I love stories like that and I was talking with a buddy of all in our neighborhood that if they wrote a book on how they made it, we`d definitely buy it  Smiley Happy   There was a dairy farmer in the F.C area  Bob S. that worked his tail off, very conservative, but he got health problems and then money troubles followed.  He was talking once about a local over achiever (all I`d have to say is his first name   Smiley Happy  ) Bob said "all it would take is for him to have a health problem and his operation would be done" .   Well that`s the truth, it`s a cliche but your health is everything.  Story about Bob he was a rock ribbed Republican, but when he got in money trouble, he decide to try Democrats out (as many do) well he went to see Bill Clinton in Mason City, waiting to get out of the packed parking lot his transmission overheated....that mighta been a sign, just sayin`    Smiley Happy