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Rental reboot?

In a string of ruthless decisions, Mike and I issued eviction notices to every house tenant on his farm last Friday, and I am in the process of evicting another one down here. 


The one here is a slam dunk decision...I have offered this squatter the trailer she lives in, just to get her off my long as she moves it by May 1st.  She was living there when I bought in about eighteen months ago, and I forced a sale to buy her out last fall.  My main goal was to get one more old trailer out of the neighborhood.  The end is in sight, 


Mike's place is more of a management mess.  Four residences, two ccupied by two of the kids, and two rented out to others.  The renters were told to go packing, just for p*&&ing me off one time too many.  I love that VA allows a landlord to bar a month-to-month tenant, without cause, and they have to sue to get their stuff out.  If there is a God, he must be a Virginia rental property owner. 


Anyway, this motivates problems to move along.  Ours were out in 48 hours. 


Should  have done this eons ago.    I have read that some of you feel that it's wiser to tear down a house than to deal with renters.  I am getting about to that point...If these werent' family homes on a Century Farm, I woul crank of teh CAT. 


I am thinking it might be nice to have one of the three houses for our getaway.  We are talking 75 miles, and it is such a pretty place.  Would give us a place to go, or daughter and SIL could also haul horses up to ride that beautiful farm...about 280 acres, about 60% in timber.  Lots of fishing and huge woldlife populations...whole open acreage is in EQIP grazing for our sheep.  My two farms are only about 12 miles away, as well. 


People drive for days to stay in lesser places.  I don't tolerate sitting in a vehicle very well.  This distance is about ideal, and everything is free and clear.  If there's a problem here, it is ninety minutes away. 


With cell phones and hotpsots embedded in them, we are connected everywhere we go, if we want to be, and a TV antenna actually works for broadcast TV there.  We can record what we miss on the DVR here at home.  There's enough spare old furniture in storage to furnish a small home there. 

I know I need to run the numbers, and make a seasoned decision.  Mike is sounding open to the idea, for the first time in eighteen years. 


If you had a slice of heaven this close to the farm, and could afford to slip off to it every so often, would you do it? 


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