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Renting out pature land - best opportunity?

We have 80 acres of pasture land available this year in SW IA. Should we rent it out? How much an acre? It has a pond and 2 small creeks running on it. Do people take advantage of these Nebraska ranchers paying to have people care for their herd for the summer-how much? 20 acres is tillable, with today's prices, maybe renting out the 60, and planting 20 is a better idea. Thoughts? South Guthrie County, west of Casey, IA.

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Re: Renting out pature land - best opportunity?

ISU Extension has a formula for figuring rental rates.


They also have a survey or rates for 2010.

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Re: Renting out pature land - best opportunity?

I send cattle to the sandhills in the summer, but I would much rather have more pasture closer to me. It shouldn't be hard to get a renter. Be fair, the cattle business is a tough one, there is always a disaster on the horizon. LOL

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