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Retirement ----- moving -----sort of??

Moving off the farm.  Not wanting to tell the story unless you ask.  But it's my idea ---- a good plan ---- and the next generation is here, ready, and getting better at it every day---- I am proud of em.

I know that a lot of you that read have been here done that.  I am gettin close to that age(whatever that age is) and for some health reasons I am diminishing my leadership roll at the farm.  I will have an office in our home for my accounting and marketing work and I hope to go to the farm and be an encouragment  and helpful as long as health provides.


I want some advice--------- What did you do to make it work for you?  What happened to you that you did not forsee?  If you retired --- lets call it slowed down------- did you do it with your spouse or alone?  


I really don't want to here the horror stories or the ones who were forced into a diminished roll.  I want to here from someone who has enjoyed their life farming and enjoyed their life with a diminished roll in farming.  What did you do to make it enjoyable,--- ---- other than marrying the right spouse?

It is not a control issue.  In my mind a farmer never actually has control---- just maybe a false sense of it.  It is a responsibility issue and talented young folks in their late 30's with families of their own need to feel the responsibility.  It is the reward for the effort and worry.  back on topic

Help me out ------------ what do I need to do to enjoy a my new roll?  Avoid being told to sleep at the farm?  Or not get myself arrested for going behind a tree?


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