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Re: Roadside debris

The man we bought the old country store from had a couple of tires piles on the lot out back that needed moving away, which was part of our terms when we bought it.  The ground bees ran them off last summer/fall. 

Had SIL call them last week to remind them to get them gone...I am sure those bugs are waking up by now, but at least they aren't usually as bad unitl later in the year.  Saw their loader up there workgin when I came in from class today. 

The kids did a lot of cleaning up in the barnyard this winter...wasps and bees are one thinbg, water moccasins and copperheads another.  The dumpster box company just retrieved their box Monday, so we got that chore done right on schedule. 

Mike's making his first cutting of hay today...some cereal rye we pumped on this winter.  You could almost see it growing on these first few warm days, after we finally got enough rainfall.  Literally from kneehigh to waist deep or more in a week. 

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tom s. in tn.
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Re: Roadside debris

I've had them speeding by and throw the beer bottles at me while out there cleaning up their crap. One actually acted like he wanted to run me over.

I just love it when I come across one of their loaded pampers.

We crush the cans and give them to the garbage guy at the landfill for his charity.

On the bright side, Ialways shake out their saxks and bags. Sometimes they're too drunk to remember they dropped their change in them in a hurry to leave the store. I have actually picked up a $5 bill once that must have blown out.

Tom Tn.

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Re: Roadside debris

   When I started this thread I never expected so many responses from all over.   I guess I was naive to think it was a localized problem.   It makes me wonder what a 5 or 10 cent federal tax on carryout containers of beer would do for the national debt.

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Re: Roadside debris

I got our mile of frontage cleaned up yesterday and already noticed a couple of "new" items this morning. ugh.


This year I found more plastic bottle than cans or bottles. That's a shame since I won't have as much aluminum to sell to help pay for the 9 garbage bags I used.  Among some of the unusual things I found this year was a dashboard compass and an empty box of Monistat. Can't imagine tryng to use that in a car!!

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