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Re: Another thing to remember

What's the difference between ground beef and hamburger? Oh.....Trigger....sorry.
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Re: Another thing to remember

The way I understand it, ground beef, is when you take cuts of beef, and grind them, like the old saying 'ground round'

Hamburger, can have other things added to it and can be a blend of dried up old cow meat, and tallow trimmings off an over-fat steer, or 'pink slime' in it, for example. 

If you notice in the ads, McDonald's uses 'all beef hamburger patties'.  If you ever saw what McDonalds buys, you would understand.   They buy the low priced, very thin cows, and blend in trimmings from fat feedlot steers, to get things to 'average out'.


Or, to put it in 'grain farmers' terms.

Ground beef, would be like when you sell corn, and haul corn INTO the elevator.

Hamburger, would be like when you buy corn, and haul it OUT of the elevator.

Re: Rough idea – average annual profit per beef cow over cattle cycle

Wondering if I could ask a few questions, I’m 33 years old, selling my house in Las Vegas and looking at 75 acres in north Florida to raise cattle on, I’m a disabled veteran so I have a bit of steady income while I try to get myself started. I’m wondering if I’m going out of my depth thinking I can make money raising cattle, I also will raise chickens, the property has a 10 acre patch of “perennial peanut”. I’m also not sure if this is appropriate feed for Cattle, I’m reading both yes and no.

thanks for your time


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Re: Rough idea – average annual profit per beef cow over cattle cycle

I never heard of "perennial peanut" but here they say it`s on par with alfalfa and good cattle feed.   I`d say make hay off it so the cattle don`t tramp it out or bloat on it.   


If you have the money to buy cows, that`s one thing but if you have to borrow much money, it could be tough because it`s slow to grow the herd and income doesn`t roll in.   Cashflow, can be a issue, but if you have money saved up then that shouldn`t be as bad.


Maybe consider goats or sheep?   They have a faster turn around rate and a more niche market that seems to always be good and steady.   Good Luck.

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