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Rural Breakins

We've had a spate of rural breakins lately and just early this morning one thief was caught with a load of stolen tools in his truck.  He's in the jug with a bale.


Are you getting much local theft or vandalism?  Any more than usual?  Anyone getting caught?

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Re: Rural Breakins

So far (knock on wood) it hasn`t been bad, local police do a good job patrolling.  Farms have surveillance cameras and such, I just wonder if it`s still easier pickin`s in town.   There was a case of a young drunk put his car in a ditch and went to a hog site and found a tractor with keys in it, hooked to a manure pump.  Probably wouldn`t have been bad had he just went and pulled his car out ...but decided to go joy riding and "caught air" going over driveways broke front wheels off, did $150,000 in damage.   But he "has diabetes so he gets drunk easily"  he doesn`t have a dime and probably get off without too much.

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Re: Rural Breakins

Gov shutdown and no food stamps or gov assistance. If they haven't they will!

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