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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

SCOTUS Sides With Monsanto

Initial news releases are that the Supreme Court unanimously sided with Monsanto in the patent dispute with Vernon Bowman, an Indiana farmer who replanted soybeans that were purchased, not just saved back.


The arguments on Bowman's side were not impressive, according to the Court's short 10 page decision.

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Re: SCOTUS Sides With Monsanto

Jim, after having read a good number of the pages of that transcript that you linked to a while back, I would have to agree with that assessment of ineffective arguments. I hate to think that man paid for that actually surprised the Court granted cert on this basis.
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Re: SCOTUS Sides With Monsanto

Kay, why are you surprised . . . I mean Monsanto own these jokers just like they own everyone in the EPA in our government.  I think Monsanto is entitled to patent protection on what they developed, all this fella had to do was wait til 2014 when the RR1 patent runs out, and he would not have faced the problem. 


If you read the licensing and sales agreement, you will find that no seed company was allowed to introduce new traits and patent them in seeds that contained the RR genetics. Kinda hangs Pioneer out to dry, when it comes to enforcement of alleged patents on seeds that had traits introduced prior to the expiration of the RR1 trait in 2014. 


Monsanto has already indicated that the licensing requirements and the restrictions on farmers holding back RR1 seed expires when those licenses expire in 2014.


Adios Amigo. John

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