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SF article

Just read the article in SF about the discovery on super high corn population. Interesting but the one part that talked about what it's gonna take to feed the world in 2050 got my blood pressure up this morning. (Yeah I quit reading).


I'm old enough to remember reading stuff like "how are we gonna feed the world in 2000?" and" How is mankind gonna feed himself in 2025?"


Now the writers are aiming for 2050.  I will be deceased by then so I just want to give you young guys some advice.


You will more than likely be able to feed the world in 2050 but just remember that you'll probably have to do it for $2.50/bu.

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Re: SF article

🙂 yeah it`s always something and the experts are never right..I`m still waiting for my flying car and timeshare on Jupiter that were supposed to be common in 2000.


Alot of things might happen in the next 30 yrs, if we are transitioned away from meat and Soylent Green becomes our protein source the arable land will go further, keeping food cheap.


If Agenda 21 and Jade Helm stuff happens, maybe there`ll only be a world population of 2 billion.  If the Zika type viruses increase, mankind might be extinct by 2050. 


Then there`s the global cooling hoax....errrr it that the global warming hoax?  Anyway, maybe the "I states" will become deserts and food will get high priced.   i don`t know, we`ll take it as it comes.

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Re: SF article

i think i might have started a thread about this somewhere...but will chime in here.......they admit up to 50% increase in seed (actually, it would be double

since we do in this area 30,000, we would double the amount of seed((and cost)) figure we are spending $88.34 an acre on seed

according to them, we will need to spend $176.68 an acre on seed......and most likly have to almost double fertilizer........


and in the article,  you are told it will increase your yeilds 3 to 9%......


ok.....the boys around here get about 230 for 6.9 to 20.7 bu......


ok......that equals (at $3.50 a bushel) additional $24.15 to $72.45 an acre......


this would not even pay for the added seed cost, let alone fertilizer.....more water....and the cost of a new planter and header.......


this is a """discovery""""



I think this should be advertizement....rather than "article"


the only people that would make ""additional money"" would be seed company....fertilizer company and equipment company.....note...the farmer was not


on the list of those making additional money.




Re: SF article

They hate it when you do the math cheapo. Smiley Happy

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Re: SF article

The question for our time is "What % of the worlds grain production is just flat waisted?",  --- waite  no really, I meant that misispelling,,,, but wasted might have been better,,,    

Well other than the grains that keep us "largely" 3x over weight and on disability,, what % of each crop is trashed.... bunker spoilage,  rained on piles of black moldy grain -------- like argentina this year.... Only we do it intentionally on a yearly basis.


I am guessing it is higher that ever before in the US......  We just put too much of it on the ground.  If not at the local coop, then at the ethanol plant or terminal train loader.


Lets face it the grain is cheaper than the storage and handling.....  So what is 10-15% spoilage  1 to 1.5 billion bushels.  That leaves 12-13 billion of good grain..... sweep it up and ship it blended..... or landfill it...


We do things storing grain now that would have never been considered 40 years back....  Totally foolish and often by the big grain companies who should know better...


If you don't like the new storage rates, watch the discounting on every load.  There is serious effort to see that every producer helps pay for that spoilage......

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Re: SF article

Come ON Folks  - Gotta  BE  MORE  Patriotic than this  -  we  GOTTA   FEED   THE   WORLD  -  remember  ??

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Re: SF article



We gotta give it to those who funded our foundations and campaigns.

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