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SW in a speedo !!

Hasn't been around for a couple of days.
Was in the 70's they tell me, and tomarrow
In the 80's
So he's out there sunbathing...but wonder
What the wheat will do....could we on
The way again
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Re: SW in a speedo !!

that is a very bad visual effect.........


I have lungs that grew weak in the 50's dirt storms....... the next three weeks will tell a lot about the wheat.  Wind is coming...... that is the change in the forcast that is discouraging..... and a warm up that is going to fuel the killer flu that persists in the southern US as the temps run 60 degrees up and down in short time frames.....since new years nearly every week.  A sign of how little moisture is in the upper atmosphere.

So will the order of appearance in 2018 be Moisture -wind- heat to save those cash flows with wheat or will it be like 2017...... Heat wind fire wind moisture.


Been a very dry winter    sw ks last rain over 1/4 inch was  over 150 days back.  Dodge City @  145 days.

We need it to stay cold and dormant at least three days a week....until the Hi pressure moves out...the clock is ticking.


Wheat that is bigger has a gray cast to it.  Cattle are on milo and corn stalks and off wheat.  A rare sight.

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