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We voted -----we need those new old truck buyers coming in from the hike. 


Nancy has it under control now... I know for a fact that boxed beef rides to the store in style........But sell some grain of any kind and see what drives in to pick it up......

more technical (its good for you) federal mandates are on the way 


And Kansas is saved....Teaches union will now  fix the state debt from those unfunded mandates.  We saved a lot of money not teaching government or accounting to 80% of the voters.


By the way ....... I checked to see which midwest states had no debt ..... before 2008 I am sure there was some pride left in the middle.  Now 


the federal Pox is being distributed very evenly ----- these days North dakota, Vermont and Wyoming lead the thrifty with just under 10 billion each in debt.  With those geniuses in california winning the debt prize with nearly 800 billion in growing debt (twice NY or Illinois(or Ohio at 321 billion-Texas at 341B. )  the california coast will lead the house now and lead the country in tax avoidance.

But it is easy to say "look at those guys" with the big debt but lets all take our share ----look at it per capita


Simpler put....... Per Capita...... State debt is everywhere and has only 7 states holding state debt below 10K per living resident. --Tennessee, Nebr., Indiana, Wisc., South Dakota, Arizona, Idaho.

Only 9 states over $20,000 pe person ---- Alaska 40+K, Hawaii 33+k, Conn 31+k, Ohio 27.8, Illinois, 24.9k, New Jersey 24.1k, New Mex. 24k, Oregon 22.2k, California 20.4k.......................

The rest with kansas at 14K are somewhere between.  10,000 per person and 20,000.... State only debt.


So add that to the $58,400. we each owe for federal debt and the 2,500 per year interest on our share and stop celebrating another election.

News media sounded like happy fools and enjoyed the extra hours pay.

Otherwise 1 I was glad to see local issues drive some races.

2 glad to see a few new faces in the galary.  Mr Crow in Colorado was refreshingly humble and the new senator in Missouri seemed to have a grip.

3. Glad to see that at least one state(probably 4) punished a candiate for not taking a stand, and another state reward one who took that lonely stand to dissagree with the bully party leadership. 

4  glad to see the respect for those who just do the job and enjoy going back home to enjoy the folks they serve.  For a couple of reasons I watched the new england voters closer this year --- a land where winners are elected not appointed by a national syndicate of money laundering, and not recruited like a baseball player or a preacher.


It is an ag business topic that affects every cash flow statement.  PM me if you need this explained .... moderator...I'll send some visual aides.