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Debt -----now is the time for evaluation, today while we can still find the mortgages.   --- Mr Crow in Colorado -- just won and lost at the same time,  He is an army Ranger, and he thinks he is an American/Coloradian.  And he is ,  but now he has a 24 million dollar indebtedness to a party leadership he occasionally disagrees with.  In a suburban Denver district 

Will he become a statesman or just a party member?   

At least with the newly elected there is hope. 

An argument against term limits.....................term limits are the responsibility of the voter....we are deminishing the value of the vote when we legislate term limits.  The vote is the opportunity to disagree with the lobbyists.

How a representative responds to lobbyists and party line should be a concern for the voter.... all politics is local.....if the voter pays attention..


 IMO   the topic question here was a good one for agriculture ..... and Sysco's statement was probably somewhat political, yet something we should all know already.  Every new trucking regulation or safety requirement, or weight classification, or emissions idea is passed on in freight cost increases.  The one thing that goes up faster than the stock market and the projections for corn yields is the level and scope of government regulations. = higher costs.