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Re: Santa laid off...

Whether we like to admit it or not, the Christmas season has become so much of the make- or- break of our retail sector now, it feels almost un- American on some level. The buying figures can even drive the Stock Market, as a sign of consumer confidence, if nothing more substantial as a measure of our mood.

I have been guilty of spoiling our children at this time of year...but, I did engage in consciously "unplugging the Christmas machine" in a lot of respects when they were smaller, after being influenced by a book of that title. Many of the things that I saw other moms doing and wearing themselves out for, I just skipped. we had a more relaxed and restful holiday break.

Now, with each of them having spouses or significant others, all. Of whom have families with their own specie traditions, ask them to pick the date and time they want to celebrate, agree among themselves, and just let me know when to expect them. No pressure....
Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family with they aren't torn between and running in so many directions at once.
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Re: Original post:

Kay, your link didn't work.

Also, I see the point of buying local, but if we buy USA stuff, even if it isn't 'local', that gives American workers the chance to do the same, and keep the money at least within the US, instead of paying wages to some 12 year old in a China sweatshop.


Clayton:  the power tools are largely imported, but the Craftsman hand tools I see are largely USA made.  Things like screwdrivers, wrench sets, etc.  However, a few of the more 'economy' tools are starting to say China on them, too.

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