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Severe Estate Problem... PLEASE HELP!!

I am an 50% heir to my parents estate consisting about 340 acres. I spent my entire life working with my parents and purchased 520a and equipment over my nearly 50 yr career. I always wanted to purchase the farm from my mother after dads death but my mother wouldn't sell because she knew their would be issues with my non farmer, chemical engineer brother. Her words, "I want to live my last days in peace". When she wrote her will she appointed her estate attorney executor of her estate. Later in her life she contracted alzheimers and I became her primary caregiver for 15 of her last 20 years when she required .nursing home care. I always cash rented her land for $200/a which covered most of her bills. After her death her attorney said he didn't want to be executor and appointed my elder brother to be the executor. It has been 3 yrs since her death and my brother has become a complete ***** and wants to divide farm in 3 parcels claiming 2 which would amount to 80% of the estate. I told him we could bid between ourselves, he could purchase whatever he wanted and we would split proceeds according to the will. He won't agree, says I will just outbid him?? Nothing is getting done. I would like to purchase as the land borders my property. I have expressed my displeasure with mothers attorney stating if he didn't want to be executor he should have made that known to my mother so she could have appointed someone else. Very Frustrating, WHAT CAN I DO??

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Re: Severe Estate Problem... PLEASE HELP!!

The executor duty is to settle the estate in a timely manner and has to follow the wishes of the will.  I would say spend a few bucks and get your own lawyer`s advice.

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Re: Severe Estate Problem... PLEASE HELP!!

Hello sir, 

I'm Robert from Nigeria, I hope you're fine. 

I came across your article, I think I have some advice to chip in.

Being with your mom from day one gives you an opportunity to know everything about agriculture and from the look of things you have passion for it also. And which your brother is an opposite of you.

Most times cases like this, you use strategies for peace to reign.

This is game you play here, your brother being the opposite of you and also a chemical engineer, I don't think he would like to waste his energy on agriculture that might link him on selling his share out, not minding the 80% he has only what your brother knows is the worth of those acres of land and not the agricultural worth and as an agriculturist you're, that land can get you times three of what you bought it from him.

Knowing fully well that your brother can't sell this land to you directly because he might sense the greatness in you and out of greed will not agree to sale it to you directly, you need to plot a trusted friend.

No risk No success 

No cross No crown

You can inbox me in my email, I will give you reasons for this idea.



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