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Shop? Or no shop? Help please

Just need a little  advice other than from my father and banker. I am 34 years old farm with my father who is 62 we run 1800 acres of ground and run 25,000 head of our own hogs a year. I came back to the farm 8 years ago and had no desire to own my own hogs so I have started a few side line businesses. I run a commercial snow removal business, also conduct prescribed fire operations for private land owners and government agencies. Here's the dilemma, I would like to put up a shop this summer and was wondering from others what I should do. 

The side jobs have grown substantially over the years, I am currently working out of a heated three stall garage. We try to do all of our own repairs both farm and the side line equipment. Our "farm shop" is not heated hardly any lighting and can't get the newer combine in without dropping the tank. 

Here's the comments I have received so far:

The shop will never pay for itself

why dump money into a shop when your at a age that you could be putting that aside for land

you can bank roll it, but do you really want to?

I am in need of a larger area to work, the larger the side jobs get, the more equipment. We typically get our fire equipment ready at this time of year but with the last two years we have had all the fire equipment and snow equipment packed into that three stall garage, because winter doesn't seem to want to leave early. My father has no desire to have a shop which in turn has no desire to help put one up, which I can see being at the age where retirement is coming.

My question to you

What made you put up a shop?

Did it make financial sense?

Would you do it at an age when land is a big concern, and don't want to position your self not to take that extra money from the side jobs and save it for land purchase / rent?

Tired of thinking, ready for spring!!!!

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