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Should I Renew Farm Bureau Membership?

My annual renewal notice arrived.  $40.  $42 or more if I want to support the political agenda, which I always decline.  Smiley Happy


I don't use FB insurance.  I used to use their print want ad sections heavily, but in recent years have used them very little.  I almost never read the weekly newsletter - it goes straight in the wife's recycle bin.  I never use their online want ads.


I get their daily email newsletter with it's list of articles, but it is a hassle to log in to read the stories it so I almost always click delete and don't read it.  If it were easy to log in or stay logged- just what are they protecting? - maybe it would be different.  If I put my passwords on sheets of paper the stack would be 1/2 inch thick - no thanks, FB, I don't need to look up my password to see whatever you have to say.  Just say it.


What is $40?  Not much.  It won't pay for a nice supper out with the wife anymore.  Shoot!  It won't pay for a nice supper out for one person anymore.  I could just shell the $40 out, but every year I think more and more, why do I have to pay $40 to get the opportunity to fumble for my password to read stuff I often don't agree with?


I don't know.  I just don't know.