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Re: Should I Renew Farm Bureau Membership?

40 bucks in Johnson county???  How do you guys get by so cheap?   We are at $55 and took it to that from $48 about 15 years ago and I think I was the one to make the motion that we do so and we didn`t lose one member because of it.


I have a lot of problems with the American Farm Bureau, they don`t represent me on many matters, they ask for more support from the states and we always vote down giving them more Smiley Very Happy  good riddance!


If you just look that the financial benefits of being a member, it`s a free membership.  Morton Buildings had a $500 discount to members.  Dodge pickups and NAPA have had discounts and glasses and car rentals.  Now it`s Ford and Case IH have discounts that pay 10yrs of membership dues.


Farm Bureau goes to bat to protect us against crazy high property taxes, ask a Nebraskan or Minnesotan what their property tax per acre is.   And that damned Des Moines water works lawsuit, without Farm Bureau, activist bureaucrats would run rough shod over us .  And Atrazine is always on the docket for being banned.


Farm Bureau supports "Ag in the Classroom" that aids teachers in pro agriculture curriculum.  Even Iowa kids no longer have a dad, uncle or grandpa that farms and maybe the Farm Bureau is these kids` only exposure to farming even if it`s a short lesson and field trip.  And these kids will one day vote and be politicians.  


The county Farm Bureau sends out a questionnaire and the voting delegate follows the grassroots opinions of the members, so fill it out when it comes and make your voice heard!  And approach the county about being a board member, they are always looking for township directors or director at-large.  


Good Lord Jim, 40 bucks!    Your Farm Bureau membership would be a bargain at 10 times that!