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Re: Should I Renew Farm Bureau Membership?

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I`m having a hard time understanding you K-289.   So I`ll throw out some facts and maybe we`ll be lucky and get what you`re asking answered.


Okay in Iowa`s 99 counties there can be a difference in Farm Bureau dues, they are set at the county.  The state of Iowa farm Bureau gets I think $35 of the dues and anything over that goes to the county Farm Bureau to do county business, like supplies for Ag in the Classroom, Ethanol promotion, maybe paying for expense of a DOT officer to come in and explain new truck laws to farmers, things like that.   My county has $55 dues so after paying the state $35, we have $20 for each member to do activities for the members, Jim`s county is $40, so they maybe have more members and $5 is enough for each member.



So what`s my "A-1 trick pony"?????