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Re: Should I Renew Farm Bureau Membership?

I probably dislike large industrial ag even more than you do.  However, it`s what we`re stuck with, "they" figured out that 5,000hd of hogs can be crammed into a building and raised cheaper than the guy with overalls and a bushel basket.   I am the guy with overalls and a bushel basket, so I don`t like what`s went on, but it`s bigger than Farm Bureau.


We have a cheap food policy, so we borderline abuse animals to produce meat and hire illegal aliens to milk it cheap cheap cheap and if you`re not doing cartwheels for it all, then you`re a racist the wants poor people to starve. 


There`s a saying that "things are ran by the 5% that shows up", Farm Bureau is a grass roots organization and 95% don`t show up, I kid you not only between 5% and 10% send the questionnaire in, they pay their dues so what do you expect?   And of the 5% that show up not even 5% of them ever raise hell,....  "all those in favor say aye"   …"aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye aye, aye, aye aye" .


But those that serve on the board the average is 60 farms 1,000 acres has a kid that wants to farm so they get hog buildings, cause they can`t find land to rent.   Then there`s 80yr olds that are landlords, they have nothing against big ag, big ag means big rent checks $$$$.  Then there`s 30 somethings that wanna be a BTO with hog buildings.   Now, if you have common sense you might agree with those individuals on 90% of other issues, I can work with people that I agree with 90%, I agree with my Wife half the time and I married her   Smiley Happy