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Veteran Advisor

Re: Should I Renew Farm Bureau Membership?

So far, I've passed on the renewal.  I sent a couple of emails which it was beneath their dignity to answer, so I guess I'll not answer their pleas, either.  (That's plea, not please - they don't say please, either).

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Honored Advisor

Re: Should I Renew Farm Bureau Membership?

Jim, what was the questions that you had?   It seems to me, most of what the Farm Bureau stands for, most of us can agree.  It`s a grassroots organization and in Iowa some Big Hog Bigshots that want to spread manure all over the place and that`s not to everyone`s liking, well they get their wishes in the opinionnaire and it some how squeaks past the voting delegates.  But there`s issues on holding county governments in line, such as "do we really need a $2 million nature center" or whatever.   Well as an individual, you complain a little and that`s as far as it goes, but you get the weight of the county`s 1,000 Farm Bureau members behind you, the supervisors hear the ROAR!


And these educated beyond their intelligence, wannabe politicians can really spend other people`s money if left unchecked, to me the $55 membership is a bargain.


As far as the "American Farm Bureau Federation" I don`t have much use for them.

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