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Silicon Valley & your farm

So, Facebook yesterday announced it's paying $19 billion for what's essentially a texting app. What's $19 billion buy? A report on our newswire shows you could buy Campbell's Soup, Harley-Davidson or ConAgra Foods for less than that much. Wow!


Then, we got the news a few minutes ago that Climate Corp, now part of Monsanto, is buying part of a company called Solum, Inc., which has a "soil analysis" business. They're a Silicon Valley company based in San Francisco. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but I'm betting it was less than $19 billion!


Interesting convergence of circumstances this week. A HUGE Silicon Valley deal with the Facebook buy, then another deal -- albeit much smaller -- touching the ag space.


So, are we on the verge of a stronger connection between agriculture and Silicon Valley? And, are we on the verge of a stronger connection between Silicon Valley money and agriculture? What's it all mean to you? Is it all just a passing few pieces of news, or is there something happening here that could ultimately change the landscape for big agribusiness? Will that mean much to your farm today and down the road?


Just found this all really interesting...then again, it could be the rain/snow/hail/thundersnow-induced cabin fever we're all suffering from here in central Iowa today!

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