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Small and Simplicity Walking Tractor

Overview of Walking Tractors

The walking tractor is a small tractor, transportation, and agricultural machinery.  It is popular in agriculture in various countries. It is powered by a diesel engine. And it is very popular with farmers. Because its featutres that small, flexible, and powerful.

This small walking tractor machine can walk with many different agriculture machinery. Such as double-disc plow, single plow, double plough, corn planter, wheat planter, mud wheel, rotavator, trailer, sprinkler, ditcher, rotary plow machine, etc. It is widely used in plain, mountainous, and hilly areas.

It can be equipped with corresponding agricultural machinery for plowing, rotary tilling, harvesting, seeding, fielding, pumping, and other operations. Towing for short-distance transportation is also ok for this tractor.  The driver holds the armrest to control the operating mechanism, tow, or drive the supporting agricultural tools for operation.

Walking Tractor Attachments

The attachments that can be matched with the walking tractor are double disc plough, single plough, double plough, mud wheel, rotavator, wheat planter, corn planter, trailer, etc.

Maintenance of the machine

If the farming walking tractor is left unused for a long time, it may have some problems. In order to avoid problems when used again, we should take measures for maintenance.

  1. Parking place. It is best to put it in the warehouse, but not to put it together with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so as not to corrode the parts. If parked outdoors, choose a high-rise, dry and ventilated place. And cover it with plastic sheeting to prevent mechanical damage and corrosion.
  • Support the machine. Padded the tractor with wooden piers or masonry to reduce the load on the tires. If the cushion is not supported, the tire must be inflated by 10% to 20%. And to check frequently, always inflate, and indispensable.
  • Wash thoroughly. Remove dirt and oil from the exterior of the tractor. Comprehensively inspect, adjust and tighten all parts and screws to avoid loosening and falling off.
  • Put clean oil and water. After the tractor is out of service, drain the cooling water, diesel, and oil in the engine.
  • Maintain the parts. Take an appropriate amount of dehydrated engine oil (heat the engine oil to about 130°C) and pour it into the intake pipe. And rotate the crankshaft to make the oil adhere to the piston, piston rod, cylinder liner and valve. And shake the piston to compression top dead center. All these actions to prevent the valve spring, push rod and other parts from being compressed for a long time and losing their performance.
  • Remove the injector. Clean the injector and put it in clean diesel. And loosen the adjusting screw and plug the injector hole with a wooden plug.
  • The axle box is filled with oil. Take 1kg of dehydrated engine oil and pour it into the crankcase. Then swing the crankshaft several times to fill the lubrication system with dehydrated oil.
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