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Re: So let me get this straight........

Thank you Tiger, remember, living well is the best revenge. It's makes absolutely no difference what you post about me whatsoever. All I am concerned about is making enough money to support my family and leave enough money in my Estate Plan so my kids will have lots of extra money on top of whatever job or employment they take after college. The only thing you could do to me that would highly upset me is take some of that $812.50/acre profit it looks like I will make for the 2012 crop year away. It is highly unlikely you can do this, so really, I just find your posts very entertaining and funny. So please, continue to post them, they make a good break for me to read while doing my taxes. Taxes are very boring, so yes, please continue posting them, I find them highly entertaining and good for a quick laugh. They do provide a good  break to take from working on my taxes. However, can you post more tomorrow and the rest of the week? I think I will be working on taxes for some time. Thanks for the laughs and keep up the good work!!!!! LMAO!!!