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Re: So let me get this straight........

RSW, not trying to get in the middle of your & MT's pissing match, this has become entertaining.  However, I see his point.  If you want any of us the even deem your comments valid, you need to stop blowing your own horn.  What you keep posting is 100% redundant and belongs in a personal diaries, not on an open agriculture chat board.  Not a single person other than yourself comments on profit or loss in a dollar figure such as you do.


We all have had good years of the late, but we don't need to prove it to other people, FARMERS usually don't need to be told this.  You are a person that always needs to be reminded how good you are and since no one else gives you an Atta Boy, you feel it's necessary to give them to yourself.


I'm sure someone will have a smart a$$ return comment, but I'm just about to take the position of some other long time legitimate contributors, and that is avoidance.  This site is slowly sinking to where others have gone.