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Re: So where`s this farming thing headed?

I`m no expert on livestock economics, but it seems to produce the livestock where the grain is and process the livestock in the country that the meat is consumed is the most economical.  With hogs anyway, the corn is brought to a feedmill that`s <10 miles away, beans are trucked 50 miles away to a crush plant and hauled back to the feedmill that tenders all the area hog barns.   The barns provide "fertilizer" to fields a mile away via drag hose, the barns provide a investment or a job to a grain farmer who isn`t wall to wall employed.  


If` you haul feed to Mexico and produce & process livestock down there and haul the meat back up here, I don`t see how Mexico would utilize the manure, their warmer climate would have more disease problems and getting the meat into the US markets would be more of a challenge.